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At Chaikel Travel, we provide the best deals on international and domestic travel. Our team of travel experts are always available to help you plan your trip, whether for a vacation, or for business. We always keep an open eye for price changes to ensure you get the best deals for the best possible flights. With schedule updates and flight reminders, Chaikel Travel is always there for you.

Founded in 2011, we are committed to connecting our passengers all over the world with the best possible flights and prices. Like most everything, we started small; yet always thinking big, into the future of how to combine convenience, efficiency, and professionalism for the consumer. Through word of mouth from family and friends, we proudly boast the best service from the executive needing last minute arrangements, family travel, and corporate groups, all with the same thing in common. Professional service, with friendly, personal attentive interaction making each and every client feel like they are our VIP, because the way see it, you are.

Today, our service provides the whole spectrum of your travel needs. Specializing in First Class, VIP Airport Service, Hotels, Car Rentals, Travelers Insurance, and so much more! Our goal has and continues to be one thing; the convenience of our customers.

When it comes to flying, every detail counts. Whether domestic or international, business or pleasure, whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned jet-setter; choosing your flight, planning your itinerary, and keeping your schedule on track can be stressful.

At Chaikel Travel, we take pride in our name and the promise it makes. From search to take-off, Our agents provide you with the information you need to get you where you’re going, stress-free and mile-high. With busy schedules, and time absorption from day to day routines, Chaikel Travel is there to think for you, and ease the load when you just don't have the the time.

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